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댄스 승무원 휴식
에코 청진
Meet K-POP in Seoul

K-POP Experience Package

Health check-up Tourism

Korea famous medical center

축제 군중
야채를 구입하는 여자
into the healing festival

Festival package

become one with nature

Famous Local Festival Package

색종이와 콘서트

Find Rookie

Glebal girl's group Project Season 1

We are looking for 5 girl rookies who will be the main characters of the girl group music that will be released simultaneously worldwide in the first half of 2022. 

152 레이.png

KPOP artists' one-pick item,

Global shopping mall.


K-Beauty flex

Beauty Contest Package

Fantastic meeting with famous artists

Celebrity Fan meeting/Concert

이미지 제공: insung yoon

Jeju Island
Group Tour

  • 3days tour

  • 4days tour

이미지 제공: Dane Kim

Group Tour

  • Busan,Gyeongju  4days

이미지 제공: Yu Kato

Seoul / Incheon
Group Tour

  • Fly Incheon 3days

  • Feel the Rhythm of Korea

  • Seoul with Outskirts of Seoul