"At least once a year, your health check is at a specialized clinic."

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Health screenings

Check your precious health, the only one in a high-quality medical institution. Protect you from all bad diseases.

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Beauty treatment

; Surgery

Meet your retouched face and body at a famous beauty clinic. A new world of beauty will open up.

뷰티 살롱

skin clinic

Meet flawless, clear skin at a famous skin clinic. A new world of beauty opens.

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:: Health check-up tour Package ::

Equipped with advanced medical technology and infrastructure
Medical services and general tourism in Korea, which are relatively inexpensive
By operating a combined health checkup tour program
We provide individual detailed examination services that are difficult to find abroad.
One Stone Two Bird Program that includes tours.

 1. Medicial  content

  • 1~2 days for a general health checkup.

  • A tour of attractions in Seoul on the 1st.

2.Program type

  • 4 days 3 nights

3.Health screenings

  •  Standard examination (suitable for 20-30 years old)


  •  A practical screening program that maintains health through early diagnosis of adult diseases   and diseases

  •  Premium check-up (suitable for people in their 30s to 50s)

  •  Cancer and cardiovascular disease through precision CT and MRI examinations

       In-depth examination program with related examinations

  •  Noblesse examination

  •  A VIP special screening program that diagnoses and prevents diseases through genetic DNA 

      a nalysis using advanced medical equipment


4.Recruitment size/timing

  • Minimum of 5 people / Open 365 days a year

5.Program price(₩/won)

₩2,600,000 / ₩3,900,000 (expected price)


  • Accommodation: Hotel in the city (4 stars or higher)

  • Meals: Hotel breakfast and local food

  • Airport pick-up